Established in Hastings in 2011, the Abs-Solute Balance Pilates studio was previously located at the Wellington Centre, but due to growing demand and limited space the studio moved in 2016 to its new location at the Isabel Blackman Centre.

Located just off the beach front in the centre of the Old Town with easy access from parking located on the beach front . The studio offers the ideal training experience.

The new studio is spacious and comfortable with lift access, changing rooms and a beautiful light feeling to it. The studio is fully equipped with multiple reformers and the full range of Pilates equipment.

Whether you are looking for private sessions or group classes we have it all.  This is a dedicated Pilates and fitness studio with regular instructors available six days a week.

Because we are an established studio with full time instructors you will not only benefit not from the training, but getting to know your instructor and that makes training all the more fun.

Classes are limited in numbers to ensure that you are comfortable and enjoy them.

With over 25 years experience, we have built up a beautiful studio. You don’t have to be a dancer or from a dancing background to enjoy the benefits of Pilates.  With regular training you will see the results in increased core strength, improved stability and posture, more flexibility and a general sense of well being.

If you are new to Pilates or just want to see what it is all about give us a call and arrange to meet one of the instructors who will show you the studio and answer any questions that you may have.

Pay and Display parking is available on the A259 (Beach Front Rd) in the surrounding roads and behind the fishing cottages.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


We have a fully equipped Pilates studio and offer a wide range of equipment based exercises as well as Stability Ball and Mat classes.

• Group classes, ranging from six to 10 people in a class depending on the class. These classes include training with, rollers, stretch bands, balls and more. Classes provide a challenging but safe workout that will raise your heart rate.

• Private one-to-one coaching and training. Have the undivided attention of the instructor.

• Equipment based training with equipment such as Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel as well as the Friction Plates. The studio is fully equipped with every possible large and small Pilate’s apparatus.

• Semi-private lessons, bring a friend and train together.

• Pilates is also beneficial for runners, kitesurfers, golfers, equestrians and sports people.

For more information please contact the studio on 01424 426 600 or

Glenda on mobile: 07934 478 602.


GLENDA PETERSENLead Instructor and Owner
Glenda understands first-hand the enormous benefits of Pilates.

After being involved in a serious car accident in 1987, which resulted in spinal and neck injuries, Glenda was told that she would never be able to participate in the sporting activities she had previously enjoyed, such as canoeing, running, cycling, hiking and other outdoor activities. She was on permanent pain medication and felt frustrated and depressed.

In 1997 she heard about Pilates and began to train (as a client); within three months she felt her whole life had changed, she had lost the weight that had piled on, was pain-free, had great strength and started to do the things she once thought had gone forever. In 1999 Glenda left her role as a full-time project manager to follow her passion for studying and teaching Pilates: if she could feel this good, she wanted to make a difference to others’ lives, as well.

She works on Reformers, Cadillac/Trapeze, Ladder, Barrel, Combo Chair, Pedi-Pull, Spine Corrector and various other small pieces of equipment including Sebecs.

She has taught people from all walks of life, aged from 10 to 70 years old, and believes: ‘The time is always right to start. Everyone is different and we all have our own goals.’ Glenda believes she can help you achieve your highest potential in a sensitive but challenging, fun but professional environment. ‘We need to enjoy what we do,’ is her philosophy.

Glenda is also qualified as an NLP practitioner, and teaches people how to identify and change behaviour patterns. (As she puts it, ‘Why do the same things and expect to get different results…?’) She is also a certified Doula, helping mothers to achieve healthy and happy births.

Glenda’s interests include reading, meditation, travelling and learning about other cultures and places. She has also done her Sailing Deck-Hand course. In 2010 she walked from France to Spain, on the Camino trail.

Zoé has always had a passion for health and wellness and her style of Pilates teaching focuses on the basic principles of Pilates.

Classes are perfect for those who are new to Pilates training, are getting back into training, or prefer a more gentle style of training.

Zoé brings the benefits of many years of martial arts training, weight-training and gymnastics as well as her own rehabilitation experiences from injuries in to her teaching and is currently studying Osteopathy.

Hobbies include learning about vegan raw food preparation, volunteering at animal shelters, walks in the country-side and enjoying time with friends and family.

Zoé is available on:
Saturdays (10:00 – 16:00)

Classes, private and semi-private sessions can be booked directly with Zoé via Email:

CAZ VOLBRECHTSeasonal Instructor
Caz was introduced to Pilates through her mother-in-law and decided to become an instructor after seeing and feeling very quick improvements in her own flexibility, strength and general well-being.

Caz began Pilates in 2006 while pregnant with her first child. She believes that due to the Pilates and the influence Pilates has, that this aided her in the birth of her son and daughter, with stress free natural births.

Caz has a challenging and fun style of teaching. Caz is trained in both mat and equipment based Pilates.

Caz is passionate about Pilates, she continues to bring new and exciting exercises to her classes.

MJPilates Instructor
After suffering a protruding disc in my lower lumbar spine and deciding that the 3 month wait wasn’t going to be much fun at all, I started my love affair with Pilates and haven’t looked back.

I am a qualified STOTT Pilates instructor. STOTT Pilates is based on Biomechanics and Exercise science. Pilates has come a long way since Joseph started out in the 1920s!

Though many of the original teachings including the truth of this statement he made still applies.

‘In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference and in 30 you’ll have a new body’

Whether you are interested in 1 to 1 sessions, coming to a class or simply want to know a bit more please get in touch!